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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions that homeowners have regarding the building process. Here are some of the questions we hear most often:

How long does it take to build a house from start to finish?
Typically it takes about 6 months from the beginning of site work to completion of the home. This, of course depends on the size of the home and the weather.

Can we start building in the winter in Maine?
Yes. Absolutely. We have a very experienced team and can build year-round in Maine, with no effect on the final product. The process varies slightly because we need to use hay and different methods to make sure the ground work and foundation set correctly, but we guarantee all of our work, no matter what time of year we do the work.

Can you explain the Allowances section of the contract?
For finishes such as plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, kitchen cabinets, countertops, and flooring, we give what we call “allowances” to each customer. These are determined by using formulas based on the size of the house, as well as the preferences dictated by each customer. When you go shopping for lighting fixtures, we give you an allowance. If you spend more than that allowance, we will add that to the final contract price. If you spend less than the allowance, we will credit the final contract price for the amount that you did not spend. This is also a way that we show you that we do not mark up anything from our vendors. Additionally, when you choose your flooring or countertops, Kelsey will help you figure out the different items that will fit into your budget and speak to each vendor prior to your meeting to make sure each vendor has your budget in mind when helping you make selections for your home. It is always easy to go over budget, but Kelsey works with each vendor to make sure each customer stays within their allowance.

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Customer Testimonials
This past June we moved into our new home built by Bouffard and Mcfarland Builders. Working with Reggie and Gary on the construction of our new home was a very positive experience. The open and friendly approach coupled with quality workmanship helped reduce the stress of the building process. One of the reasons we hired Bouffard and McFarland was the quality of their finish work. After seeing some of their work, we knew that was what we wanted for our home. -- Rick and Phyllis Vail
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